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Forum Rules
In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:

Forum Rules & Other Information

Registration To This Forum Is Free! We Do Insist That You Abide By The Rules And Policies Detailed Below. If You Agree To The Terms, Please Check The 'I Agree' Checkbox And Press The 'Register' Button Below. If You Would Like To Cancel The Registration, Click Here To Return To The Forums Index.

Although The Administrators And Moderators Of GTcars – All makes, All models Will Attempt To Keep All Objectionable Messages Off This Forum, It Is Impossible For Us To Review All Messages. All Messages Express The Views Of The Author, And Neither The Owners Of GTcars – All makes, All models, Nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (Developers Of Vbulletin) Will Be Held Responsible For The Content Of Any Message.

By Agreeing To These Rules, You Warrant That You Will Not Post Any Messages That Are Obscene, Vulgar, Sexually-Orientated, Hateful, Threatening, Or Otherwise Violative Of Any Laws.

The Owners Of GTcars – All makes, All models Reserve The Right To Remove, Edit, Move Or Close Any Thread For Any Reason..

The Owners Of GTcars – All makes, All models Reserve The Right To Read, Remove, Edit, Move Or Close Any Private Message.

All Stories Or Information Should Be Considered Fictional And Not Reality.

Forum Rules-2


No Signature Is To Contain Explicit Images Or Advertising For Any Company / Business. Failure To Comply Will Result In Your Signature Being Modified And Demerit Points Being Added To Your Account. Image Size Is Also A Factor, So Please Restrain From Using Images That Send The Forum Tables Out Of Shape. All Other Forum Rules Also Apply To The 'Sigs' Area. Promoting Car Clubs Or Other Car Forums Is Not Permitted And Will Be Dealt With On A User By User Bases. Clubs Or Forums Who Charge Membership Fees Or Have Forums With Commercial Advertisers Are Considered Commercial On Gtcars.Ca. You Will Receive Commercial Warnings For Your Signatures And Or Be Banned.

Point System

This Site Is Automated. If You Are Found To Be Violating A Rule You Will Be Warned At A Touch Of A Button. The System Is Fully Automated After That. You May Reply To The Warning And It Will Be Sent To Queue For An Administrator To Review. Do Not Repost Your Item Until You Have Heard From The Admin. Failure To Abide By This Rule May Result In A Banning Situation From Any Of The Staff. It Is Our Intention To Protect Our Advertisers From People Who Don’t Feel The Need To Pay For Advertising.

Personal Attacks

Personal Attacks Will Not Be Tolerated And Are Subject To Editing, Or Deletion At The Discretion Of The Moderation Team. Offenders Will Be Warned And May Even Be Banned.

Want To Buy

If The Moderators See Wtb (Want To Buy) Adds Posted In Any Section Other Then The Wtb Specific Forum, They Will Delete Them After Giving Spam Violation Points. If You Re-Post It In These Forums Again You Will Be Given Additional Points Your Post Will Be Deleted Again. This Will Continue Until You’re Banned


Trolling, Or Makings Posts With The Sole Intention Of Creating Discontent Or Problems On The Forums Is Obviously Against The Forum Guidelines. This Includes Registering An Alternate Id For The Sole Purpose Of Creating Problems On The Forums. Troll Id's Will Be Locked Immediately And Permanently, And Can Be Locked Without Notification To The Offender. A Second Id, By The Same Person, On This Site Is Considered Trolling.


Threatening Other Board Members Will Not Be Tolerated. This Includes Threats Of Physical Violence, Threats Of Property Damage & Death Threats.

Sponsor Bashing

Our Paying Sponsors Deserve Respect And Restraint. Attacking A Sponsor On The Board Is Inappropriate. If You Have A Complaint With A Sponsor, You May Post The Information In The Appropriate Forum And Show The Facts Pertinent To The Problem At Hand. If You Do Post On The Board About A Specific Problem Involving A Sponsor, Please Remain Calm And State The Facts. Do Not Let Emotion Cloud The Issue At Hand. We Really Hope Situations Can Be Resolved Off-Line But We Will Not Prohibit A Statement Of Fact But We Will Control The Thread So As To Stop The Hate Or Me Too Replies These Threads Often Generate.


Please Do Not Spam Our Forums. Spammers Will Be Given Violation Points And Possibly Banned Immediately. For Every Piece Of Spam You Will Receive Points. After 3 Spam Posts You Will Be Temp Banned.


Threads Or Replies Promoting Or Expressing Intolerant Views Towards Any Group (Race, Religion) Are Not Appropriate, And Will Not Be Allowed.!

Controversial Topics

Controversial Topics, Such As Religion, Political Debates, Etc Are Allowed Here... However, It Is Expected That You Conduct These Discussions In A Calm, Civil Manner Without Resorting To Personal Attacks Or Flaming. If You Are Unable To Do So In These Discussions, You May Find Your Posts Removed From The Thread.

Commercial Posts / Vendors

Please Pm Me Directly, Or Send Me An E-Mail To 2tone_93gt@Gtcars.Ca. All None Sponsoring Commercial Posts Will Be Removed And Warnings Given Out. Your Advertisement May Be Deemed Commercial At The Staffs’ Discretion. You May Question The Warning And Points Given For The Violation, But 9/10 It Will Stand. Some Reasons Your Post May Be Deemed Commercial Is Because You’re Selling Multiple New Items In A Post, Multiple New Items Among Posts, Selling Items With An Business Email (Smith @ Carparts . Biz) Etc Etc

All advertisers are subject to local tax! We reserve the right to cancel advertising at anytime for any reason. It is our practise to refund any monies owing.


This Section Was Created For People To Sell Their Automotive Related Items. Be Sure To Include A Price (Mandatory) And Pictures If You Have Them. Selling Multiple Items? Post Them Under One Topic And Update Your Post When You Have Sold Items, Failure To Do So May Fetch You Spam Points. Include Contact Information: E-Mail Address. It Is Good Business To Conduct Most Elements Of Your Transaction In The Private Message. This Way You Do Not Post Up Personal Information, And Also There Is Less Clutter For Other Readers. If You Feel Like You Have A Comment (Valid Or Not) About The Product Being Sold By The Individual Please Pm Him And Tell Him In Private. Do Not Post Your Comments About His Product In The Thread, They Will Be Deleted And Points Will Be Awarded To Your Account For Spamming. After Certain Amount Of Points, You Will Be Banned. If You Are Not Interested In The Item Being Sold, Do Not Post In The Thread At All. No Posting Items For Friends, Posts Will Be Deleted And Points Awarded For Spam. Post Your Item More Than Once Will Result In Points Given For Spam. Ebay Links Or Autotrader Links Or Even Other Forum Links = Spam. Any Abuse Of This Section Will Result In You Being Banned. Contact The Staff If You Have Any Questions Before You Post.

Our Privacy Policy

We Respect Your Privacy! Any And All Information Collected At This Site Will Be Kept Strictly Confidential And Will Not Be Sold, Reused, Rented, Loaned, Or Otherwise Disclosed. Any Information You Give To The Gtcars.Ca Will Be Held With The Utmost Care, And Will Not Be Used In Ways That You Have Not Consented To. A More Detailed Explanation About How We Safeguard Your Personal Information Is Described Below. We Reserve The Right To Monitor Private Messages. If You Have Any Questions, Please Don't Hesitate To Email The Admin.

Resale Or Disclosure Of Information To Third Parties

Gtcars Does Not Sell, Rent, Loan, Trade, Or Lease Any Personal Information Collected At Our Site, Including Membership Forms Or Email Lists.

Browser Information Collected On The Website:

Gtcars Analyzes Our Website Logs To Constantly Improve The Value Of The Materials Available On Website. Our Website Logs Are Not Personally Identifiable , And We Make No Attempt To Link Them With The Individuals That Actually Browse The Site.

Privacy Of Our Email Lists

Gtcars Maintains Several Email Lists To Keep Gtcars Members Informed About Breaking Events. Individuals Must Affirmatively Ask To Join Our Mailing Lists By Contacting Gtcars Staff Directly At 2tone_93gt@Gtcars.Ca. We Do Not Sell, Rent, Loan, Trade, Or Lease The Addresses On Our List To Anyone. In Addition, We Configure Our List Server Software To Refuse To Divulge The Email Addresses Of Our List Subscribers To Anyone But Authorized Gtcars Staff, Including Other List Subscribers.

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